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Mariella - 20 - Caserta, Italy.

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@ladygaga: Heathrow baby, on to the next flight. Geoffrey Beene Vintage on the plane and some panther earrings meow I can’t wait to see my fans in Dubai one more flight!

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Photography: Javier Tomás Biosca
Model: Jábel Balbuena

August 22nd, 2014: Out and about in Melbourne, Australia

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@ladygaga: sistershit

@ladygaga: Aussie Aussie Aussie I was so happy to see my fans outside the hotel. I wish I could have gotten to everybody!

@ladygaga: oi oi oi

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@ladygaga: Miss u asia girl

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@ladygaga: Bewitched Bathtime

@ladygaga: Lip syncing to my own renditions , I couldn’t sleep and wouldn’t sleep. Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered.


actors: Jack O’Connell

Bubble Dream ☮